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“Glassy Ant found us a superb SMSF auditor that would normally cost us $20,000 in a recruitment fee for a fraction of that price. We used Seek ourselves and then if that didn’t work we went to Recruiters.

GlassyAnt sits perfectly in between with the expertise to weed out those people who don’t even read the job description while running classy engaging job ads that attract excellent candidates. I highly recommend GlassyAnt”

Client: Pat Mannix - Partner, Paris Financialwww.parisfinancial.com.au

GlassyAnt’s advertisement was very clear and showed the detailed requirements for the job. In terms of the advertisement quality and information it was fantastic – much better than others.

A high quality job advert was important to me and I only applied to a few. It provides an insight of the culture of the company.  A big thanks to GlassyAnt ..I spent time writing why I was the perfect candidate for Paris Financial and was successful in this process.”

Candidate: Lynn LeeJunior Accountant

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For Small Businesses without a Recruiter

You know your small business better than anyone and want to be involved. But the wrong hire can cost $50k per year.

Sales keep you up at night and the team is already lean.

Do you roll the dice and whack up a job advert, or miss a brand opportunity and spend your hard earned profit on an agency?

What if you did neither and saved 80% of time and dollars in the process? Would you be intrigued?

Throw out that job advertisement template from your neighbour. Shut down the careers email loosely monitored by your overworked staff.

There’s a smarter way to find great people.

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