Plans & Pricing

Open Consult

15 minute chat to explore your options and design the right experience


15 minute call

Not sure which offering is right for you? Book in for an initial chat. We recommend doing this in every case so we can ensure it’s absolutely the right match. You can always come back!


Starter Package

We'll professionally 'profile' your role and create a compelling job advertisement for you!

$700 (ex GST)

60 minutes plus product delivery

We’ll discuss your vacancy, brand and culture to uncover the greatest points of interest for YOUR target candidates. Then bring it all together to create a compelling and balanced job advertisement!


Recruitment Angel

Starter package plus: Stand Out SEEK advert; job boards; application responses; SEEK Talent Portal search

$1500 (ex GST)

60 minutes plus product delivery

No time to create a SEEK account or manage responses? We’ll do it! Plus create your compelling job content and run a campaign on the SEEK Talent Portal for you.