A Little Help

$699.00 (ex GST)

$699 (ex GST)

60 minutes plus product delivery

Did you know that in 80% of our small business recruitment campaigns last year, we advertised head to head with our clients in the same places – and the happy new employee chose to apply to our job advertisement over theirs? That’s a lot of wasted dollars on agency recruitment.

If we told you that your job advertisement is a crucial and often overlooked element of DIY recruitment, we’d be saying something bold and different from the industry. But it’s true.


▪ Values and ‘soft’ skills focused consultation for your brand and role

▪ Assessment of your culture and values as you know them, then an analysis exercise to uncover additional elements of interest to your target market

▪ Creation of a targeted, widely accessible and appealing job advertisement


▪ Any guarantee of hire or quality of responses. This is your campaign to nurture, we’re just helping you make it brilliant in an affordable way!

▪ A paid job advertisement slot or any postings. If this is what you’re after, check out ‘Something Extra’ or ‘Screening Plus’.

We’re serious about communication and 5% of this booking will go directly to our charity partner, bullying advocates and foundation: Dolly’s Dream.

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