Starter Package

$700.00 (ex GST)

$700 (ex GST)

45 minutes plus product delivery

Did you know that in 80% of our small business recruitment campaigns last year, we advertised head to head with our clients in the same places – and the happy new employee chose to apply to our job advertisement over theirs? That’s a lot of wasted dollars on agency recruitment.

If we told you that your job advertisement is a crucial and often overlooked element of DIY recruitment, we’d be saying something bold and different from the industry. But it’s true.

Equally important is uncovering what you need in the position and translating that to the market.


▪ Values and ‘soft’ skills focused consultation for your brand and role
▪ Analysis of your culture and values to uncover attractive elements for your target market
▪ Content creation of a targeted, widely accessible and appealing job advertisement for your use.

The Small package doesn’t include paid job advertisement or job application acknowledgements. If this is what you’re after, check out our Medium or Large packages.

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