Screening Plus

$1,800.00 (ex GST)

$1800 (ex GST)

90 minutes plus ongoing product delivery

You’re 100% committed to knowing that person beyond the paper. Let’s give your communication some flair and uncover all those attractive aspects of your business.

Then display them in a way your candidate market will really ‘get’! And can easily communicate back to you.


▪ Values and ‘soft’ skills focused consultation for your company and role

▪ Creation of targeted, widely accessible job advertisement to appeal to your personal market

▪ Post and host your premium SEEK advert and distribute to additional free job boards. Our template catches the eye of the many dormant candidates and the advertisement price is included. No more single job ad purchases!

▪ Acknowledge all candidate applications in the right tone for your brand, on your behalf

▪ Conduct a targeted SEEK portal search, notifying additional candidates of your opportunity

▪ Creation of custom screening tool. We’ll create, host and notify candidates of the tool with follow ups (90% completion rate for relevant candidates)

▪ A call at an agreed mid point (usually post first interview) to ensure you’re running on track and weigh in with some expertise


▪ Process design. We’ll cross over a little, but if you think you’re a bit of a lost cause on the process (interview formats, additional search, etc) then choose our Campaign Design first. Or contact us and we’ll create a special package.

We’re serious about communication and 5% of this booking will go directly to our charity partner, bullying advocates and foundation: Dolly’s Dream.

Sound good? Pick a time and date and let’s get going!


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