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Jargon for Jobseekers: Are your job advertisements honest?

Let’s stop the jargon for jobseekers.

“Fantastic team culture”, “great communication”. What does this even mean on a job advertisement?

One person’s ideal may be another’s definition of personal hell.


So we asked people.


We asked people what they’d love to see in a job advertisement and had some incredible responses.

One person: “Team culture. Not the boring stuff but is it a chatty team? Is it full of quiet people?”

And personal favourite: “An ad that was completely transparent with no BS language that you had to read between the lines on would be refreshing :)”


Honesty cuts through the noise


Attracting quality (and/or motivation) requires quality.

Instead of “FANTASTIC”. How about – “Our team work in stand ups at 9, 1 and 4, where we have respectful and outcome based communication in a round circle where everybody speaks…you can choose an interactive or quiet environment”.

Not as sexy, but isn’t it honest? Jobseekers begin to know what they’re in for and it either suits them, or it doesn’t.


It works. Without dispute


In our recent Culture Content campaign, we saved a small business about 25k in Recruitment agency fees by attracting the same calibre applicants in our advertisement.

When we asked the candidate, they applied to the role over others because it was “clear, conveyed the culture and had transparent information”.


If you’d like candidates to READ your adverts, make them worth reading


Candidates, we’re interested. What would you like to see in a helpful job advertisement?

Hirers – what would you like to see from applicants to help you shortlist?

Love the input on our design piece, about 2 minutes of work (no sign ups!) What works for YOU?

A 90 second quiz: right here.



Founder | GlassyAnt

(PS – if you’re a start up or small business and the idea of creating Culture first content that WOWS the market interests you, book in a free chat online and find out if it’s for you).

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